The Agricultural and Rural Centre, is an exciting, specialist Not-For-Profit Community Interest Centre in Stockport that enables children and adults with Special Educational Needs, disabilities, Mental health issues and those who are vulnerable in our community,  to work with our animals and on the land.   
We offer a range of services that are unique in this area.   
We also offer some other exciting services that you or your school may be interested in.

Fun on the Farm day
2nd April 2018

Young Farmer days

Own a Pony Day

Animal Care days

Incubator Scheme

Parent and toddler 2018

Mobile Farms



Alternative education

School visits

GDPR policies and statements available on our Policies page


Nature Deficit Disorder: UK Children, are spending less time outdoors, resulting in a wide range of physical health, mental health and behavioural problems.  These problems are accelerated in children with disabilities. (See Richard Louv 2010, The National Trust, Jan 2018)


You may see children and animals enjoying life as nature intended. Get ready to hear children laughing, squealing and playing in the Summer Sun.  We don't let a child's disabilities stop play.

We are open
Monday to Friday

The Agricultural and Rural Centre depends on your support.   Thank you for donating to our wonderful cause.