School based Farming

 Teachers’ lack of knowledge and confidence in the field of horticulture means that they need the support of a specialist to make the best use of their school grounds.” (Growing Schools Evaluation, CEE/Bath University, 2003) 
Setting up a horticultural area in your school taskes time, money and above all skills and knowledges.  Often this is left to teachers to manage with little or no support.   The Agricultural and Rural Centre of a specialised and personal scheme to support you in your school.  Our rangers can :

1.  Come to your school and give advice on suitable location for your horticultural area.
2.  Offer support in building raised beds, flat beds, green houses and other supporting buildings.
3.  Set up a suitable annual program for growing your vegetables, flowers, herbs and spices.
4.  Work with your teachers and students to grow your vegetables, flowers, herbs and spices.
5.  Why not inc lude your very own beehive or chickens to complete scheme.